Dog senses Northern California earthquake

Did my dog sense California earthquake?

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A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Northern California on Saturday 01.09.10 at 4:27 p.m. just offshore of Eureka on the Pacific Coast. This video was captured on surveillance cameras at the Times-Standard daily newspaper in Eureka. There was considerable damage to Humboldt County and the quake was felt for hundreds of miles, but there were no fatalities and very few serious injuries, and there was no tsunami.

My fiancé Jessica and I both work evenings at the Times-Standard and we bring our dog Sophie in on weekends to run around and play. She happened to be sitting in view of the surveillance camera, which shows her reaction before and during the earthquake.

When we saw the video, we really weren't surprised by her reaction — she's always been a very bright and loyal companion. But after we watched the footage a few times, we realized she sensed that before anyone, and at the very least she knew something bad was about to happen. We always knew our dog was smart — but we didn't know she could smell an earthquake coming.

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