Dog senses Northern California earthquake

It's the "dog's fault"

  • Posted: 8:03 PM
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  • Author: Brian

PHOTO: Jessica Richelderfer

Sophie is recovering well after the earthquake, though she's clearly still shaken. She notices every sound, every shake. It's been pouring rain on the North Coast for the past five days straight, so she spends most of her time sleeping at the foot of the bed. We even had a bit of thunder today, which she was not fond of.

We brought her to work last weekend, as usual. Again she spent as much time as she could under my desk, which she never tried to do before. It's a tight squeeze. I suppose she figures if it happens again she'll be close enough to warn me -- at least, I hope so.

She's back in the habit of running 15 feet ahead of us, scouting our path. Only now she's sniffing the floor constantly as she goes, perhaps trying to detect any movement. Who knows? What's clear is she remembers what happened, and like the rest of us is determined to be prepared next time.

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